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Welcome to my Website!

My name is Viviane Juguero. I am a Brazilian artist, researcher, professor, and cultural manager. Since the beginning of my professional life in 1994, my creative and educational work has always been committed to social justice and diversity. Because of that, I am very interested in scientifically understand the social role of art, from the roots that connect all knowledge fields to the complexity of life, not through subordination but collaboration between specificities. In my trajectory, I faced the thorny path of the non-privileged groups and I understood the relevance of the imaginary power since it indicates to the person the positions it can occupy in the world. For this reason, I developed the concept of "radical dramaturgy," dedicated to promoting cultural transformations from the roots that generate social values and behaviors through dialogical artistic structures. Furthermore, when addressing children, my work intends to promote feelings of belonging that empower them through what I call "children's ludic logic." The primary focus is fostering positive and potent representations of groups under-represented or devalued by the hegemonic-oppressive culture.  Fortunately, I am not alone, and my path is full of brave and admirable partners and networks. Together, we face social challenges through the wonder and responsibility of art in artistic, educational, and political settings. It isn't an easy way, but the path of love is always worth going.

                                                                                         Viviane Juguero