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Photos by Éder Rosa



In 2020, a family of artists was organized to go to Germany to create and perform a play about diaspora. Unfortunately, the pandemic came, and suddenly the family lost not only this job but all of their work within Bando de Brincantes. Yet, in social isolation for months, their desire to create committed art didn't disappear. So, even without structure, the family decided to make an experimental digital play for children. Those were the circumstances that generated the idea of AKIN.  The play was filmed in the tiny apartment's living room where the artists Henrique Rosa Juguero, Éder Rosa, and Viviane Juguero resided. The edition was made in a simple cellphone. The original music, created by Everton Rodrigues, mixed acoustic instruments with technology and was produced in a home studio, respecting the distance imposed by the quarantine.



AKIN is an experimental domestic digital theater production that addresses the theme of the diaspora through a non-verbal language rooted in a pluriperceptive and multi-significant composition.  The plot presents the story of Akin, a child who, after leaving his country, finds himself at a place's border. There, only those who submit to the dominant culture are allowed to enter. Akin's journey shows his trajectory towards maturity. It reveals his strength when he learns from different cultures that come his way, in dialogue with his ancestry.

Workshop about AKIN for professionals in Nigeria

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Activities with schools in Nigeria

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AKIN in Mubi platform

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AKIN in Janeiro Arretado Festival

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