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Josiane Acosta, Glau Barros e  Grupo Caixa Preta em Antigona BR. Foto de Bruno Gomes.jpg

Antígona BR

The dramaturgy of the theatrical play "Antigona BR" was created by Viviane Juguero, based on director Jessé Oliveira's original concept of integrating Afro-Brazilian culture to the tragedies "Antigona," "Oedipus the King" and "Oedipus at Colonus," by Sophocles and "Seven Against Thebes," by Aeschylus. The writing of the text included the analysis of translations of the original texts, research on Afro-Brazilian culture, and elements of the actors' improvisations. In "Antigona BR," gestures, rites, and myths of African origin are associated with Greek myths, creating metaphors that provoke reflection. The play was performed at São Pedro Theater in 2008, and at  Renascença Theater, in 2009, in Porto Alegre. In the same year, it was presented at Caxias em Cena, in Caxias do Sul. The dramaturgical text was presented in dramatic reading in the Teatro Lido (Read theatre) project (2009 edition), held in Juiz de Fora, under the direction of Marcos Marinho. The play was studied nationwide in the course Black Dramaturgy, taught by Dione Carlos, on the Itaú Cultural digital platform, in 2018 and 2019.


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