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JUGUERO.Brazil.Eder Rosa in Bambu.Bamba process. photo by Henrique Rosa Juguero.01.JPG

Photo by Henrique Rosa Juguero

Bambu Bambá

"Bambu Bambá" is a play for children that was going to be developed and performed in Germany in 2020, sponsored by the Munich municipality. But, unfortunately, it was indefinitely postponed because of the pandemic. The proposal was developed through the initiative of the dramaturg Bárbara Kastner, who invited the dramatist Viviane Juguero to create a dramaturgy for children addressing contemporary burning issues. The author proposes approaching the diaspora theme through a universal nonverbal language, based on corporeality, musicality, and plasticity, in a pluriperceptive and multisignificant composition. The plot presents three people who are forced to leave their countries and learn how to deal with diversity. The project intends to be developed by an international professional group, mostly Afro-descendent artists from Brazil and Germany. Our goal is to provide children with ways of elaborating diasporic situations by empowering immigrant and migrant children based on the children's way of thinking. The intention is also to sensibilize adults' awareness through workshops and lectures that focus on the diaspora issue and the specificities of artistic dialogue with children.

Studies on Bambu Bambá

Juguero, Viviane. (2020). Bambu Bambá: A Diasporic Journey Towards the Unknown.

Tóquio. ASSITEJ Magazine (Pages 41-43). 

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