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CRISTINA em Três vezes amor e morte
[CRISTINA in Three times love and death]

The text "Cristina," by Viviane Juguero, was one of the winners of the Literary Revelation Award at Palco Habitasul in 2004. Cristina is an upper-middle-class woman and reports all her plans for the future, while, in a hospital room, two nurses analyze her body on the verge of inevitable death due to being run over. In 2005, the text was staged in the play "Three times love and death," directed by Dilmar Messias and interpreted by Adriane Azevedo and João França. The show premiered at São Pedro Theater and held a season at Túlio Piva Theater in 2006.


Book reference: JUGUERO, Viviane. 2004. “Cristina”. In: Grupo Habitasul. V Habitasul Revelação Literária na Feira.

Porto Alegre: Habitasul.

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