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Nele Jung e Adrian Linke em Cavalo de Santo.Foto do acervo do diretor Jesse Oliveira (8).j

Das Pferd des Heiligen
[O Cavalo de Santo]  
[Saint’s Horse]

In "Das Pferd des Heiligen (Saint's Horse)," the syncretism of the Afro-Brazilian religion is related to an anthropophagic approach to different factors that make up the predominant cultural bases in our country. These elements are externalized in the moral, ideological, and personal conflicts present in the relationship of the couple Inácio and de Graça, who live in a claustrophobic tropical apartment. Based on an original idea by director Jessé Oliveira, the dramaturgy was created by Viviane Juguero to be staged in Germany by the State Theater Krefeld Und Mönchengladbach, directed by Oliveira, in an artistic project created by Bárbara Kastner. The play premiered in 2016 and had a new season in 2018. An updated version of the text, entitled "Cavalo de Santo (Saint's Horse)," was published in the book DRAMATURGIA NEGRA, in 2018, by the Brazilian National Foundation of Arts (FUNARTE). The play was studied nationwide in the course Black Dramaturgy, taught by Dione Carlos, on the Itaú Cultural digital platform, in 2018 and 2019.

Study About the Play

Piegaz, Acevesmoreno Flores. (2021). La Diosa y la Noche e o Cavalo de Santo: uma reflexão sobre dramaturgias negras sul-americanas

[The goodness and the Night and Saint’s Horse: a reflection on black South American dramaturgies]

Communitas journal

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Book Reference

Juguero, Viviane. (2018). Cavalo de Santo. In: Lima, Eugênio; Ludemir, Julio (org.). (2018).

Dramaturgia Negra. Rio de Janeiro: FUNARTE

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