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In the dramaturgy of "Desenncontros (Mismatches)," Viviane Juguero addresses the theme of loneliness through three narratives, composed in different styles. "Interfaces" is the story of a couple dating in a restaurant after two months of talking virtually. The realistic narrative presents moments of fantastic hallucinations. "The Mismatch" is a tragicomic scene that shows the clash of expectations between two former schoolmates after many years. "Heresy" deals with the theme in a mythical way by revealing different moments in the life of a murderess, relating them to taboo desires, religious repression, and power games. The interscenes present provocations on artistic-intellectual thoughts. The play “Desencontros”, with dramaturgy and direction by Viviane Juguero, had a season at Cia de Arte's theater in 2004 and performed at the cultural space Basttidores, during the Porto Verão Alegre Festival, in 2005.

Some Audios

Madalena solicita Desencontros

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Radio Fictícia Tema da Morte Desencontros

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Entrevista com a atriz Desencontros

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Entrevista diretora Desencontros

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Reviews About the Play

The scene “O Desencontro [The Mismatch]” was updated under the title “Doutor [Doctor]” and published in the following book:

JUGUERO, Viviane. “Doutor”. 2009. In: Laitano, Carlos José (org.) Contos de Abandono. Porto Alegre: Libretos.

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