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Ecos de cor e cór
[Memorized and colored echoes]

The dramaturgy of "Ecos de cor e cór [Memorized and colored echoes]" was created by Viviane Juguero to carry out the subject she taught in the course "The Playful in Environmental Education," held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, between 2015 and 2016. On the stage, forty teachers from Brazilian public schools presented a work where they actively participated in the creative process, together with artists from Bando de Brincantes. The latter, in addition to acting, gave different artistic workshops for this special group of student-teachers. The staging was conceived through a poetic and affective composition and presented different relationships between human beings and the other components of nature. The piece seeks to awaken sensitivity, reflection, and the perception that cultural transformations are essential to qualify relationships with the environment.

Studies on "Ecos de Cor e Cór" [Memorized and Colored Echoes]

Juguero, Viviane. (2017). Ecos de Cor e Cór: report of a transverse scenic experience.

São Paulo. Conceição/Conception Magazine. UNICAMP, 135-161

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