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I don’t care

The play "I don't care" was written by Viviane Juguero in the USA while developing the concept of "radical dramaturgy" during her doctoral internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The dramaturgy addresses the conflicts of a Brown Brazilian Woman originated from the intersectional pressures received from the oppositionist patriarchal and racist society. Dramatic readings of the play took place in meetings of the dramaturgical groups "Playwrights Ink" and "Krass" in 2019, counting on Quanda Johnson as the main character besides Claire Mason and Molly Mattaini as co-readers. The play evolved to "As Teias de Anhara [Spride's cobweb]" and will be published in Brazil in 2022 in the Anthology of the Female Dramatutgical Group As DramaturgAs.


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