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O Método Arbeuq
[Arbeuq Method]

Viviane Juguero created the dramaturgy of "The Arbeuq Method" based on the director Jessé Oliveira's conception. The text is based on the theatrical play "El Method Grönholm" by Jordi Galcerán and the cinematographic film "El Method" directed by Marcelo Piñeyro. The story takes place in a training room where people are running for a job and are capable of the most ashaming, unethical, and cruel actions to be chosen for the job. The author elaborated the structure of the dramaturgy with original dialogues and scenes, inspired by the previous works, but with a lot of creative independence. The first performance of the text "The Arbeuq Method" held presentations in Porto Alegre and cities in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul in Brasil.


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