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Peteca Piao e Pique Pessoa Foto de Pedro Almeida Novaes (IFRS Alvorada) 02.jpg

Peteca, Pião, and Pique-Pessoa

The theatrical play for children PETECA, PIÃO, AND PIQUE-PESSOA, by Viviane Juguero, addresses the theme of "time" by telling the story of Pique-Pessoa, someone who seeks happiness in the future, leaves the past without joy and lives a very anguished present. When narrating the story, Peteca and Pião alternately transform themselves into Pique-Pessoa, allowing this character to change its perceptions and actions and have the opportunity to be happy and make new friends. The work focuses on the relevance of play through various handcrafted toys. With live songs and elements of carnival and gaucho culture, the performance seeks to integrate fun and reflection in an entertaining theatrical presentation committed to pressing current issues. The work premiered in 2018, directed by Viviane Juguero, who was also on stage with actor Éder Rosa. The proposal for the play deserved to be published in the ASSITEJ International Magazine, and the dramatic text is available among the selected works of the CELCIT (Latin American Center for Theatrical Creation and Research). The Spanish version was created by dramaturgical collaborator Jorge Rein. Currently, the work is on stage, directed by Izabel Cristina and Viviane Juguero, with Diego Nayà and Cíntia Ferrer in the cast, produced by Bando de Brincantes. 

Studies on “Peteca, Pião, and Pique-Pessoa”

Juguero, Viviane. (2019). “Peteca, Pião and Pique-Pessoa (2018).” (Pages 339-362). In: Juguero, Viviane. (2019). Dramaturgias radicais: poéticas matrísticas para uma arte dialógica.

[Radical Dramaturgies: matristic poetics for a dialogical art].

Doctoral  Dissertation.

Porto Alegre. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 427 pp.

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Juguero, Viviane. (2018). The Future's Dramaturgy Theme: The Present.

Pequim.  ASSITEJ Magazine, 32-35 

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English Version

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Songs' sheet music 

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Dramatic text in Portuguese and Spanish 

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