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As Teias de Anhara
[Spride's cobweb]

The play "As Teias de Anhara [Spride's cobweb]" is a monologue composed of a contemporary hybrid structure. It embraces diverse elements from drama, audiovisual, music, and visual arts to create a  multilayer pluriperceptive intra-associative dramaturgy. The narrative presents a day in the life of Anhara. This brown middle-aged low vision woman faces many challenges and prejudices originating from a sexist-racist-explorative culture. Thus, she suffers pressures from the layers of the intersectionality of her condition. Besides that, she doesn't fit the extremes this oppositionist culture requires, hindering her feelings of belonging and acceptance. The play mixes daily facts to dreams, hallucinations, reflections, and memories through a symbolic composition that aims to promote dialectical considerations to contribute to cultural transformations committed to social justice.


The play "As Teias de Anhara [Spride's cobweb]" will be published in Brazil in 2022 in the Anthology of the Female Dramatutgical Group As DramaturgAs by Concha Publishing House.

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